The new ABC of IT


ANS positions itself as a specialist for holistic solutions from "Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud"

Today's IT and data center operations are significantly different than they were twenty years ago. Cloud Computing offers companies immense flexibility and openness about what data and computational resources are held. The amount of data is getting bigger and bigger - keyword Big Data - and can be meaningfully evaluated almost exclusively with methods of artificial intelligence (AI). Turned around, this results in the new ABC of IT.

ANS is the partner of its customers for these current ABC trend topics and sees itself as a guide through digitization. Dennis Jahnhofen, member of the board from ANS; However, we are not concerned with an end in itself and the haphazard use of Cloud Computing, Big Data and AI. Rather, the focus must always be on the customer's business process, which is guided by the use of the appropriate technology. "

The ANS group works with all solutions very close to the ABC topics. It empowers customers to be more efficient, to prepare for future challenges, and to leverage opportunities for business value added by new digitization technologies. Through strategic partnerships with world leaders, ANS provides its customers with state-of-the-art AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies. They can use this to develop new business or marketing concepts.

For example, with a new cloud-based asset management system to streamline service and maintenance. This is based on technology of the US manufacturer Raxar, which is represented exclusively by ANS in the DACH region. With a mobility solution for the measurement of personal flows, concepts for Converged Infrastructure (CI), which is the integrated interaction of storage, network and server in one system, or learning and fully automated processes for processing incoming invoices.

Concerning to the use of cloud technologies, ANS increasingly advises its customers on the implementation of hybrid IT scenarios. It provides recommendations as to which systems should be operated better on premise in their own company and which should be outsourced to an external service provider. All of these techniques, taken together, create an overall portfolio that will allow ANS customers to reap further benefits from the ongoing digitization process for their future business.