ANS presents new asset and facility management solution for airports

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chat of the airportsolution

Centrally managed mobile asset maintenance and upkeep, as well as comprehensive real-time reporting, enable significant time and cost savings for airport-wide inspections.

With the GRAiT (Graphical Realtime Asset Inspection and Tracking) system developed by US manufacturer Raxar, ANS now offers airport operators a mature, proven solution for digital asset management, mobile maintenance and workflow-based inspections at airports. The system's interactive user interface enables all inspection work to be carried out on mobile devices, allowing airport operators to make decisions faster based on real-time information, saving both time and money.

GRAiT is a tool for inventorying, tracking and inspecting assets and systems in real time which uses the latest context-sensitive and sensor technologies. All features of this graphical asset management application can be used both indoors and outdoors. The system consolidates asset management and data reporting into a connected, flexible and fully digital platform. In adopting the system, users such as Chicago Midway International Airport have been able to dramatically reduce their ticket response times, gain a complete overview of their assets, and optimize HR management and the way responsibilities and assignments are organized. This leads to significant savings in terms of time and resources.

As was previously the case in Chicago, many airport operators still use distributed, interconnected subsystems which make reporting and asset data consolidation both unclear and inefficient. The consequence is a lack of communication and imprecise data sets. This leads to long time intervals between inspecting an asset, generating a ticket and responding appropriately.

Digital workflows instead of paper-based forms

In this context, ANS' system enables rapid data capture during inspections, centralized ticket tracking and management, and automatic report generation. Using the GRAiT mobile solution on smartphones and tablets, with its integrated barcode functionality for identifying assets, replaces manual paper-based inventory and reporting processes with fully digital workflows. Airport operators benefit from improved asset visibility, faster reaction times and detailed causation and trend analyses for assets.

By including a very broad range of data (photographs, notes, historical data, etc.), the software simplifies complex relationships between various locations, assets and resources. Part 139 checklists, status reports and risk assessments can therefore be created, stored and then directly accessed at the airfield. Maps and floor plans integrated into GRAiT simplify asset localization and navigation as well as downstream notification processes. All users are provided with the information they need at any given time based on their role within the organization, their location and their current task.