ANS Active Network Sea Systems with asset management solution

The ANS Active Network Sea Systems GmbH is further expanding its portfolio of innovative IT solutions, now offering its customers software solutions for facility and asset management, mobile maintenance and construction support. ANS has agreed an exclusive deal with US developer Raxar Technology Corporation to sell the solution in German-speaking countries. The solution's asset
management functionality is the ideal complement to the ANS Group's existing portfolio as an innovative IT service provider for hardware and software solutions.


The centerpiece of the asset management solution is a graphical real-time capture and inspection system. Using the latest context-recognition and sensor technologies, businesses can inventory, locate and inspect their assets (equipment, infrastructure, devices, business documents) and sites in real time. Traditionally, assets are still managed through paper-based processes or in a digital management system - but such approaches typically only apply to one or a few phases of the asset's life cycle. This solution takes a holistic, big-picture approach to optimize and extend the asset life cycle.

Our customers have given consistently positive feedback on previously realized projects:

  • Reporting and inspection work was reduced by approximately 65%.
  •  Work required as a result of a need to determine asset status or carrying out unnecessary inspections was reduced by approximately 75%.

  • Facility management efficiency was increased by approximately 47%.

Using a modern user interface, the solution enables users in organizational, inspection or quality-control departments to monitor asset quality and compliance with quality or safety standards in real time. Back-end analyses measure overall site performance levels on an ongoing basis. Potential conflicts and design errors are picked up much more often thanks to 3D modelling. All plants get the best possible overview of planning requirements, designs and statuses within a virtual depiction of each project. The use of cutting-edge data processing technology allows this information to be compared using 3D models.  Data acquired in this way can be used as a basis for faster, more reliable decision making by leadership teams.