Interlocking maintenance components: GRAIT system enables service for the world of Industry 4.0


Reinbek, September 18 2017. The new digital asset management solution GRAIT, provided by ANS for the German-language market, offers service and maintenance providers significant added value for maintenance and predictive maintenance within the context of Industry 4.0. Its mobile real-time capture functionality allows users to create next-generation digital service and maintenance reports.

Maintenance activities are traditionally documented on paper or using diverse software solutions which operate in isolation and are not designed for use on mobile devices. This means that information needs to be manually consolidated from each of these systems in order to produce weekly or monthly reports. This is a very time-consuming process with a high risk of introducing errors.

The GRAIT system has been designed to standardize and streamline maintenance processes. It can interface with a wide range of systems such as accounting software, allowing working time for each maintenance task to be automatically handed over. Using an organization-wide standard platform significantly reduces the amount of time that service and maintenance providers require to complete their tasks, meaning that work can be done better, more precisely and more safely. Continual exchanging of information and location-independent access to all maintenance data allow the platform to improve both flexibility in resolving issues as well as customer satisfaction.

Depending on their department and role, service specialists use a configurable mobile application providing standardizable jobs, checklists, reports, dashboards and automated processes. Standardizing data entry significantly improves organizations' ability to carry out evaluations, resulting in more meaningful reports and dashboards. Service specialists use the app to capture all available information in the field, combining images, spoken reports, risk assessments, job orders and more. Email, telephone and SMS communications are all integrated. This makes paper-based inspections a thing of the past, and thanks to its complete online/offline functionality, the technology is never interrupted by poor signal or network outages.

ANS is already receiving exceptionally positive feedback from those projects which have already been realized. Customers have been able to reduce the work required to create reports and carry out inspections by around 65%, while the work associated with assessing the condition of an asset and carrying out unnecessary inspections has been reduced by as much as 75%. Using the solution, one enterprise was even able to capture, inventory and assess 2,700 assets across 3,000,000 m2 of floor space within just three weeks.