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ANS offers international IT services for ships from a single source. The process of digitization within the shipping industry is proceeding full steam ahead. Shipping lines are using smart shipping concepts and automated information exchange to optimize their value-added chains. The availability of the complex IT systems used to achieve this goal must be fully guaranteed, which is why ANS Active Network Sea Systems GmbH offers shipping lines a single source for a complete range of IT services for use onboard ships.

Maintenance and support for vessel IT systems must proceed as quickly as possible, since most freighters and tankers spend just a few hours or days in each port. During this time, ANS takes care of all necessary work on board to bring the vessels software and hardware up to date. Typical activities include updating an existing Windows server or specialist software, replacing firewalls and hard drives, installing satellite-based communication solutions or analyzing and repairing defective systems.

ANS' holistic approach as a service provider allows it to target all shipping lines and systems. As well as solutions installed by ANS itself, other third-party components are also supported, be they in the engine room, the bridge or the mess. This can also include general services where the customer defines their requirements and ANS gets to work on board to resolve the problem. In other words, the company provides both ad-hoc services and long-term planned IT projects, making ANS a specialist standing ready to answer all questions regarding a ship's on-board IT systems. Consulting begins with recognizing trends early and implementing them quickly, helping shipping lines to make the most of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and big data.

Implementing the right service concept turns ships into commercial units-with standardized, redundant IT infrastructure consisting of a server, storage and a network (both active and passive) as has been long since established in data centers. This allows shipping lines to permanently reduce their ships' ongoing service, operational and cancellation expenses (operational expenditure).