Fleet management 4.0 with new software from ANS


Financial and shipping crises have significantly impeded business in the shipping market over the last few years. One way for ship owners and shipping companies to counter this trend is to introduce innovative IT solutions. Networked, consistently available systems, as well as automated information and data exchange between ships, shipping lines, external partners and public authorities, can make shipping operations more efficient and improve a firm's competitive position. One critical step in this context is to optimize ship operations and ensure that ships and all of the assets they contain are kept in peak condition. At the same time, visibility over the general status of the ship (as a facility) must be improved. ANS has recently developed a realtime asset capture and inspection system for exactly this purpose, which shipping lines can use to implement concepts for socalled "fleet management 4.0".

The fleet manager for a shipping company is responsible for ensuring that shipping operations are efficient and errorfree. To achieve this goal, they require a constantly updated overview of current conditions (repairs, maintenance, certification), alerts regarding possible risks and an understanding of the efficiency of the ships for which they are responsible. However, the information actually available to a fleet manager is often outdated or incomplete, as it is not (or cannot be) regularly updated and must therefore be requested from those on board. Such systems enable basic shipping operations, but prevent any exploration of the ship's status or its efficiency in real time.
In order to simplify fleet management for shipping companies, ANS Active Network Sea Sys-tems GmbH has developed a software solution for inventorying, tracking and inspecting assets and facilities in real time using the latest contextual and sensor technology. Using this solution secures the flow of information between ships, offices and third parties and makes documentation available to all departments simultaneously. This makes future maintenance work much more efficient, since all relevant information is available anytime, anywhere. Inspections can be documented, linked together and analyzed in real time, helping company management to make organizational decisions faster.

ANS' solution saves operating and maintenance costs for fleet managers' assets while also extending their service life. Automatically triggered alarms and automated processes reduce the organizational and technical work associated with standard maintenance operations. If the software is used across all areas of the ship (security, maintenance etc.), each department will have direct access to the information they need to complete their work. This helps to avoid duplicating data entry and minimizes the risk of losing information as a result of independently conducted records, checklists and inspections.

Taking possession of a ship requires the involvement of many different departments within the shipping company, as well as external partners and certification providers. In order to streamline the launch of a new ship, it is essential to optimize the coordination of all processes and to rapidly supply all required information. The software solution also integrates flexibly into existing systems. Thanks to the reports dashboards and their extensive range of reportgeneration options, the fleet manager has access to all data relating to a ship in close to real time. This can be automatically evaluated, forwarded or used for reports to shareholders or the company board.