ANS addresses retail market with facility and asset management software

Store example
Store example

Easily assign tasks and centralize monitoring of asset quality
Reinbek, April 05, 2018. The ANS Group plans to increase its focus on retail firms with its software solution for optimizing service and maintenance tasks. This asset management system, specially developed for branch firms, is the ideal complement to ANS' recently introduced mobility solution for measuring flows of people. It allows head offices and branch managers to better organize tasks and work more efficiently.

The asset management solution is based on technology from US developer Raxar, for which ANS is the exclusive representative in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The centerpiece of this technology is a graphical real-time capture and inspection system. Using cutting-edge context-based and sensor technology, retail store managers can inventory, localize and inspect assets in real time.

Retail firms with an extensive branch structure can use the asset management system to centralize control over service providers and branches from the head office. All information from each branch is consolidated within the solution, and a modern user interface allows users in organization, inspection or control teams to document asset quality as well as compliance with factors such as quality or safety standards in real time, or - using the dashboard - to view and evaluate the same data. Users can visualize tasks and assign specific work orders to branches or external service providers, giving the head office an ongoing overview of the state of branches' facilities and assets, making servicing more efficient as a result. The data which retail firms receive then allows them to make faster, more reliable decisions.