Automatic ERP validation unlocks license management 2.0

ANS Active Network Sea Systems presents new solution for client and license management. The GRAiT (Graphical Realtime Asset Inspection and Tracking) system from US supplier Raxar will soon be sold exclusively by ANS in German-speaking countries. This real-time capture and inspection system offers tools for inventorying and inspecting assets, systems and licenses. It features cutting-edge analytical technology which can be used to automate license management by querying the devices in use. By automatically validating this information against the business information in their ERP systems, businesses can achieve new quality standards in license management.

Software developers' license models are subject to constant changes. By automatically checking commercial license information in a business' ERP system against the licenses in use on end devices, users can create reports showing the total number of licenses in use within a business and instantly compare this against the number of licenses actually purchased.

As part of an ongoing customer project, ANS has already developed a standardized interface with the customer's SAP system. Until that point, the customer had no oversight over clients or the number of licenses available to it, particularly those from Microsoft. Now, the software automatically receives commercial license data from SAP and compares it against the actual licenses used by devices. "Many systems can read and display information, but cannot automatically compare it against commercial data," explained Dennis Jahnhofen, a member of the management at ANS. Increasing transparency unlocks the potential for businesses to save significantly on software costs and minimizes the risk of owning too few licenses, something which can lead to significant financial penalties. The integration was developed for SAP but will work just as well with any other ERP system.

Selected project-specific software solutions (agents) automatically capture hardware and software information from devices (PCs, laptops, tablets); however, this can also be done using an existing license management system if one is in place. A standardized interface hands over the information to the asset management system. All assets are clearly and individually displayed in the system in visual form, where they can be searched, grouped, sorted and filtered. This ensures that the software is straightforward and efficient to use.

The interface with the SAP ERP system enables optimal commercial evaluation of all hardware and software deployed and in use. The user has access to all information regarding available licenses, which they can assign to individual devices. The system can also automatically validate and assign the available licenses by itself.