ANS software for third-party management

Supplier of hardware and software solutions enables the control and evaluation of service and maintenance work with new software.
Operators of large and complex infrastructures, such as an airport or port, work with a large number of service providers, which need to be efficiently coordinated: security, cleaning or maintenance, etc. Whose tasks can be coordinated and controlled the software solution of ANS.

The graphic real-time recording and inspection system Raxar is distributed exclusively in German-speaking countries by the ANS Group. Using state-of-the-art context and sensor technologies, companies can not only inventory, locate, maintain, and inspect their assets (equipment, infrastructures, devices, business documents) and assets, and provide real-time mobile documentation, also they can plan service and maintenance work, control and evaluate automatically - a fully-fledged third-party management.
Airport or port authorities face the challenge of managing a distributed workforce in a large pool of suppliers, which handle a variety of inspection and task types. Often, only a limited amount of - and expensive - hardware and software infrastructure is available. The result: poor insight into the current work progress and no up-to-date numbers and results, because data are evaluated only manually and once at the end of the month.

Against this background, the ANS software offers a uniform and cross-supplier workflow with integrated automatic notification system. The inclusion of location information (GPS, room plans) allows simple and flexible planning of various task types. This takes place directly in the software solution. Adjustments to the system (configuration changes or adjustments to work orders / checklists) are available in real time and working hours are recorded without manual input. Evaluations and reports are predefined, automatically generated by the system and made available to the responsible persons.

Service providers can provide the data of these options of the software solution, which are digitally recorded by their employees, to the contractors or superiors without additional effort for evaluation. By optimizing their internal work planning, they can offer their services cost-effectively and with maximum transparency. In this way, the ANS software solution makes it possible to transparently organize third-party service provider expenditures and bill them on a performance-related basis. This allows a budget planning and more accurate billing according to the actual effort.