Vessel Information technology

Given the significant global competition in the shipping and offshore sectors, it is of fundamental importance for businesses to quickly identify and implement new trends. Many businesses are currently starting to engage with the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0 and smart shipping - and our customers are already laying the foundation for implementing these solutions! In the future, ships will be seen as individual commercial units. They must demonstrate a high level of automation in order to reduce management and operating costs in the shipping industry - to reduce operational expenditure, in other words - and to establish a comprehensive management plan.

Internal IT requirements will then be reduced at the same time. Shipping lines can create analyses of their entire fleet comparing the efficiency of individual ships, and can identify and implement opportunities for optimisation. A complete solution plan requires business and ship-based (commercial unit) processes to be harmonised with one another. Building on this fundamental concept, ANS designs and implements the required IT infrastructure.

Vessel IT Solutions

IT infrastructure onboard ships has historically been given little attention. The standard approach was to use normal IT workstations on which programs would be installed; IT was less of an opportunity for IT operations and service teams, and more of a burden. Smart shipping concepts cannot be implemented under this model.

In order to allow forward-looking, innovative IT solutions to show their true capabilities, to make onboard operations more efficient and to make the crew's free time more enjoyable, an essential prior requirement is a modern, standardised IT infrastructure consisting of a server, storage and network (active and passive) as has been used in data centres for many years.

For more information on this subject, please see our white paper:

Operating and maintanance of IT systems

The operation of vessel IT systems must proceed as safe as possible, since most vessels spend just a few hours or days in each port, so the recovery time of the system has to be as short as possible. Through the comprehensive and customer specific operating concept, as well as the realization of international service and maintenance jobs of hard- and software on the vessels, ANS increases the availability of the IT.
ANS a specialist standing ready to answer all questions regarding a vessels on-board IT systems.

Certified IT cases "Mariner Kits"

Gaining permission to implement an IT solution in an industry with such high safety and availability requirements as landfall safety or navigation requires approval from an official certifying authority such as Germanischer Lloyd or Bureau Veritas. The use of specially designed and certified housing ("MarinerKits") allows even standard HP workstations, PCs and monitors to be used in this sector.

The use of standard hardware enables centralised management and standardised service and maintenance. The result: Reduced operating expenses and cancellation costs.