Our Tracking Solutions

The basic task of a position finding solution is to provide an overview of localised individuals or objects. Its added value, however, is first revealed when the information it automatically generates is integrated into processes and overarching systems for monitoring specific areas. Another additional benefit comes from implementing theft protection systems as part of a business' security plan.

Using the information provided by a position finding solution, ANS and its customers realise wide-ranging, forward-looking solutions. Our project developers, with their extensive experience of past projects, contribute significantly to the increases in efficiency, security and competitiveness that our customers enjoy. The solution concepts presented below for the offshore industry and for retirement homes, ships and storage sites (field tracking) are constantly optimised over the course of each project.

Tracking for offshore wind parks

Automatic, anonymised localisation and revision-safe documentation of movement data around offshore wind parks enables compliance with all legal requirements relating to health, safety and environment (HSE). It also increases operating efficiency and safety when working on-site at an offshore wind park.

Even during the construction phase of an offshore wind park, before any electrical or grid connection is in place, there is still a high risk to safety, as over 500 people may be involved in offshore work at this point.

For more information on this subject, please see our white paper:

Tracking on board of ships

Finding the location of individuals and objects onboard ships - whether civilian or military - is a task that presents particular challenges given the special environmental conditions such as large metal bodies, bulkheads, etc. Person location onboard ships is used for direct correlation with tasks or responsibilities associated with a given position. Our Tracking solution is one of the best on the market to vessel IT.

This allows the captain to be certain at all times that the right person is in the right place to identify the relevant task, or whether someone else is there.

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Field tracking

"Field tracking" describes the ability to locate items such as goods and products within an open-air storage area or in a closed warehouse. Automated, ongoing position finding allows businesses to track and document all process steps on a per-item level.

Results are automatically assigned to objects thanks to automated position checking and the system's connection with specific testing steps or maintenance cycles.

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