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Regulated business operations are a fundamental component of business success. An efficient service and maintenance plan should therefore be guaranteed. Even the briefest outage of a critical system or solution presents the risk of significant outage costs or resulting fees, downtime and loss of reputation. A proactive service and maintenance plan reduces the probability of outages to a minimum and restores normal operations quickly in case the worst comes to pass.

The task of resolving outages or disruptions becomes significantly more difficult when applied to the offshore sector given the physical distances involved (for an offshore wind park in the North Sea, for example, or a container ship in the Pacific Ocean). The costs incurred as a result of such outages increase dramatically, too, as do the costs of resolving them.

For this reason, we have designed our solution based on a proactive approach to error monitoring, in order to reduce the probability of outages to a minimum. If the risk of an outage presents itself, errors can typically be resolved through remote support. Where business-critical systems are concerned, our solutions always include redundant components.

Trackingsolution Service

The position finding system serves to localise movement data in order to comply with legal HSE requirements in offshore wind parks, and to guarantee maximum safety for employees and suppliers. Meeting this challenge requires reliable availability.

Our proactive service and maintenance concept for position finding in offshore wind parks substantially reduces the probability of a system outage. Changes can be identified early in order to adjust or optimise the system in response. Hardware can be tested through a remote support system or in cyclical on-site tests (by the customer or by ANS).

We regularly update our evaluation software and our software logic in order to keep our customers up to date with the solution's newest features.

Ensuring the availability of systems which are permanently on the move on the high seas requires a highly complex, personalised service structure. In case of an outage, the situation must be resolved immediately in order to avoid significantly interrupting the ship's operations - since even a brief disruption typically results in significant costs.

ANS' offshore and vessel IT solutions are designed with total redundancy so that any IT hardware component failure onboard the ship will have no direct impact on operations. Software errors can be quickly resolved through remote support, either for individual ships, a specific group, or even the entire fleet.

The management interface allows the rapid rollout of updates, guidelines and programs across the entire fleet. Users can also create reports based on near-real-time data, providing an up-to-date overview of systems and their availability at any time, and an evaluation of the IT hardware on board.

The use of an asset and facility management solution allows businesses to make critical decisions based on real-time information. This requires permanent system availability and rapid adjustment to changing conditions.

In using this service, our customers have direct access to our user helpdesk and our consultants in line with agreed time commitments. Queries are processed as a priority and implemented in line with individually agreed service level agreements (SLAs).

Customer systems can therefore be quickly investigated, open questions can be resolved and optimisations can be made without needing to discuss the commercial side of things. The result is full usage of all possible benefits of the implemented solutions. Updates and any optimisations requested by the customer can either be supported by ANS, or we can help the customer to do it themselves.